Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slice of Life - Day 6

Today I had to write a proposal for the reimbursement of a journalism conference that I would like to attend this summer. Below is what I wrote.  

Practical application of the conference for the development of the journalism program at the high school.

The main reason that the Advisers Institute will be of use to the high school is because the newspaper has become a fully digital publication, and as such, the teachers need to develop instructional material that suits the change.  The Advisers Institute provides opportunities to learn about developing online publications, incorporating social media into an online publication, helping students make ethical decisions about their writing, and incorporating the Common Core Standards into a journalism classroom.  This knowledge will help to achieve the ultimate goal of having a comprehensive journalism program at our school.

Because the newspaper is no longer in print form, it is critical that the program implements positive and effective digital strategies that will promote not only the newspaper, but also the school and the district.  An online publication is an ideal way to endorse our school to the community.   The newspaper is currently published on the school’s Web site. Because of security risks, only the teachers can actually post articles on the site.  Learning about an alternative location will allow students the opportunity to be more involved in the entire publication process.  In addition, the presentation of articles on the current Web site is rather bland.  Though photos and pictures can be included, the site is not as eye-catching and attention-grabbing as popular news sites.  The Advisers Institute will highlight ways in which we can build a stronger and more enticing online publication.  By learning about coordinating social media with our online publication, we can foster an interest in all of the school’s events and promote cross-curricular education.  

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  1. I hope you are able to attend the conference - the kids need a way to share school news in a technological format. Hope to hear you'll be there!