Monday, March 31, 2014

Slice of Life - Day 31

I was a little stuck on what to write today, so I used a random word generator, then I wrote a story using the words that came up.


The day waxed, but Jim continued on his journey.  The danger didn't frighten him because he was prepared to execute his duty through.  

He squeezed through a narrow pipe as nimbly as his six-foot tall body would allow.  The stench of sulfur didn't offend him. The pipe was dripping with a black slimy substance, and it covered his clothing as he belly-crawled through the narrow passageway.  

All of the sudden a glow appeared in front of him. Yellow light became stronger and brighter until Jim could hardly keep moving forward with open eyes.  Still, he squinted and continued his task.  

Finally, he arrived at the end of the pipe. Amazed, he gasped with awe as he peered over the edge.  Jim could hardly contain his excitement as he squirmed his way back through the pipe. 

A crowd of people waited impatiently for Jim's news.  As his feet appeared then his calves, they held their breath eager to hear his words.  

Jim stood stiffly up and turned around.  His face was covered with soot, but his eyes shined brightly. The concourse stared expectantly as a smile slowly spread across his face.

"It's a planet!" 

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  1. A challenging exercise! Impressed with what you came up with!

    Congrats on completing the challenge -- WAY TO GO!!! Hope you enjoyed it, and hope you'll continue "slicing" with us on Tuesdays! :-)