Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Slice of Life - Day 25

What would I do without Pinterest?

Sitting at the dinner table today eating our quinoa pizza bites and zuchini slice pizzas, I asked my husband, "What would we do without Pinterest?" Many of the meals that we eat are from my perusal of pins on Pinterst, and I couldn't imagine what we would eat if we didn't have my "food" board. 
"We'd go to the library and get recipe books."
Though I am definitely old enough to remember life without the Internet, the convenience of Pinterest makes all other options seem ridiculous. 
I'd have to search through books, often without pictures, to find one or two recipes that we may like.  I'd have to photocopy the recipes or write them down.  When we wanted a variation in our dinner plans, I'd have to sift through sheets of paper to find a desirable dish.  Ugh. That seems like such a hassle.  
With Pinterest I have my collection of recipes that I've found over the course of a causal browsing experience. When we are making our grocery list, I search through my board to see what looks tasty.  If the picture catches my eye, I'll check out the recipe, find out the ingredients, and add them to the list. Dinner time comes, and I set my iPad on the counter and get to work! Easy as Chobani pancakes!
It really isn't that much different than having a collection of recipes, but the diversity of my collection is amazing. I have found recipes that we love, recipes we never would have thought of or found in a book.   It is truly pinspirational!

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  1. I agree that Pinterest is wonderful and I have used it for several recipes. However, for me, the nostalgia of cookbooks is hard to replace. I have some very "comfortable" cookbooks that I absolutely love to not only cook from but to look through just for the feelings they evoke. Some of my cookbooks are very "homey" and have wonderful side notes and inspirational sayings. Some of my cookbooks are collections from churches or organizations from my past. Technology is wonderful when it works but some things I'm not ready to let go. Happy pinning and experimenting!