Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slice of Life - Day 27

A bad habit of mine is neglecting to correspond with people who send correspondence my way.  The correspondence I'm referring to has nothing to do with day-to-day communications.  I'm very prompt in my email correspondence for work.  What I struggle with is corresponding with people who are not actively present in my life.  
I'm not sure why this is the case.  I know that it is rude and probably gives people the feeling that I don't value them. So why can't I write a quick letter or place a simple phone call?  There always seems to be something that I "need" to do.  Why don't I make the correspondence a priority? I want my extended family to know they are in my heart and mind, yet I don't view correspondence with them as a necessity.  
This needs to change. I need to make more effort to communicate with family and friends. This is my official vow.  I will show the people who are in my life but not IN my life that they are important to me by writing them or calling them.  I will make the communication a priority in my life. 

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