Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slice of Life - Day 9

Weekend Accomplishments:
1. Ceiling of bedroom edged and ready to be rolled (painted)
2. Purchased bathroom accessories (two large towel racks, one toilet paper dispenser, two hooks, two hand towel racks) and ceiling fan
3. Visited Costco for necessary bulk items
4. Lunch with dad
5. Went to OSU v. Minnesota hockey game (OSU won)
6. Read chapter or so in "The Forgotten Founding Father" in preparation for Tribute Speech 
7. Planned two weeks for EBA Speech
8. Planned week for English 2
9. Planned week for honors English 2
10. Photocopied documents for the week 
11. Graded one set of OGT expository essays 

Still on the to do list:
1. Grade honors OGT argumentative essays (must be done by tomorrow's classes)
2. Resident educator task 2 (finish by the end of the week)
3. Grade revisions of honors assignments 
4. Grade English 2 ethos, pathos, logos worksheets 
5. Resident educator tasks 3, 4, & 5
6. Read OSU coursework for next Monday
7. Sign up for summer class at OSU
8. Finish "The Forgotten Founding Father" 
9. Write Tribute speech for Noah Webster
10. Grade demonstration speeches
11. Plan next speech unit
12. Plan structure for English 2 editorial assignment 
13. Plan Huck Finn sections for honors
14. Plan gothic unit for honors
15. Roll ceiling of bedroom
16. Edge and roll ceiling of bathroom
17. Edge and roll bathroom 
18. Edge and roll hallway
19. Paint quarter rounds
20. Plant seeds to get starter plants going
21. Clean house!
22. Iron clothes 
23. Fold clothes 


  1. Your list is a lot like mine. But you didn't include tomorrow's blog post! :) I do appreciate how you left the three (obviously) least important tasks for the bottom of your list! How wise you are!

  2. Maybe your to do list is long, but your I'm Done list is wayyy longer than mine. Cleaning the house - I agree with Suzanne - it belongs on the bottom. :)

  3. Holy cow! This does not sound like a relaxing or fun weekend! You need a weekend to recover from your weekend!