Sunday, March 8, 2015

Savor the moment

We stepped out into the 50 degree weather, and our daughter, snug in her car seat, lifted her chin to sniff the air and blinked against the bright sky.  She's been out during the 20 degree weather, swaddled, canopied, and protected from the elements.  Today was the first day that she could feel the breeze on her face, hear the birds chirping (albeit because she was awake and alert), and begin to understand the wonders of our world. 

As we headed around the neighborhood, my husband and I listened to the signs of spring and attempted to avoid puddles on the sidewalk. All the while, our daughter stared wide-eyed around her.  I don't know what she was looking at, the trees, the sky, the handle of the carrier... Whatever she saw, I appreciated her acknowledgement of the different environment.  

Even though she didn't have a hat on, and I was slightly concerned, we decided to take our normal route because it was darn nice out!  Snow piles were melting, trees were budding, and our daughter was silently contemplating the beauty of life (or so I imagined).  We wanted to savor the moment.

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  1. I remember when spring sprung the first year of my daughter's life. It was like something magical happened since we were cooped-up all winter. (Perhaps that's why she doesn't like the cold, to this day!)