Thursday, March 5, 2015

Classic literature for babies

There are times when I encounter products or ideas that I wish I had created.  This summer, I found children books by Jennifer Adams that are based on classic literature. What a great idea!  I purchased one based on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (because I teach the novel in my class), and I just loved it.  The book actually includes quotations from the book while being suitable for a baby.  It offers"camping" terms like raft and river that help youngsters learn new terminology.  More importantly, it introduces a classic American novel.  To me, this is invaluable. We went to the bookstore today and purchased two new literature-based books, one based on Romeo and Juliet and another based on The Wizard of  Oz. I'm so excited to read them to my daughter!

When I was young, I played a card game called "Authors" that used various classic authors from Europe and America.  When I read literature, I often recall the time I spent playing the game with my parents.  I want my daughter to encounter the names of authors and titles that epitomize great literature, and Adams's books help to do this.  Right now she is weeks old, so I know she isn't absorbing much that I read to her, but I know that she will eventually learn to love the books like I loved the card game.   Even more importantly, I hope that when she is older, she will love the time we spent together reading the books.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I know EXACTLY the books you are speaking of! I see them all the time in Barnes & Noble. I have taken my daughter to story time, and each time I see the books, I want to buy them but never do. My daughter is now 18 months, and we are reading a doing a lot more together. You have now convinced me to purchase them! Your post was the little push I needed! Thank you! :-)