Saturday, March 7, 2015

Future adventures

Today we took our daughter to her first ice hockey game. She's nearly six weeks old, and we've tried to get her out and about even though she was born during a particularly cold and snowy winter.  Most of the time we take her out to eat, and she sleeps through the meal. She seems to like the ambient noise of restaurants. The hockey game was the next step in increasing her comfort outside of the house.  

Because she had several decent naps today, I feared allowing her to sleep through the whole game. That much sleep might prevent her from actually sleeping well at night. So we woke her up before the game, and I fed her, then we headed in. The lights, the band, the fans...all were new and fascinating to our daughter. As I held her in my arms, she looked around with an alertness that has been building each day. It was difficult for me to watch the players because I enjoyed watching her ponder the world around her.  

Of course, it was fun to go to the game, but even more, I liked having our daughter with us, absorbing all that she could.  I'm sure we will take her to many more events that she will find entertaining.  But I can't help but thinking that her adventures will be much more fabulous for her father and me. 

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